The benefits of wearing glasses or sunglasses to prevent eye damage

Sunglasses or sunglasses to prevent vision damage should be used from an early age to avoid eye problems in adulthood such as: blurred vision, petrigion, cataracts, corneal damage and blindness.~153 ~

How to prevent eye damage?

  • Prevent degenerative eye diseases in your eyes with a good pair of glasses or sunglasses, to protect your vision try to use them permanently.
  • Wear a hat with a wide brim or a cap to protect us from the sun’s rays.
  • Use glasses or sunglasses, even on cloudy days.
  • Keep your eyes lubricated by applying a few drops, thus preventing irritation and avoiding the appearance of petregion.

Tips and recommendations for choosing a good pair of glasses or sunglasses:
You should buy a good pair of glasses or sunglasses that meet the Standard for protection against ultraviolet radiation by 100%.

In countries such as Australia, studies were carried out to determine the protection index between low-cost glasses against high-cost ones, in both cases the results determined that both glasses protected 100% against ultraviolet rays, Perhaps it is because in Australia there is a quality control for glasses or sunglasses, with a protection limit standard of AS 1067, this label allows us to obtain the necessary guarantees that the protection limit can be met, if it does not have the label don’t get it.

When trying on glasses, check the size of the frame by looking to the sides, up and down and see if the lenses are large enough to block ultraviolet rays.

Try to check that distortions do not form during focusing.

Try on your glasses or sunglasses and see if they give you comfort and create a nice look.


To buy good lenses it is not essential to have a lot of money, nor to pay a lot for brand name lenses, since it has been shown that low-cost lenses can also offer optimal protection, what must be taken into account is the Protection standard or guarantee label, that is from a recognized brand and bought in a trusted establishment.

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