Short red haircuts 2015

Haircuts – Short red haircuts 2015

Red and its wide range of tones, has been going strong and promises to be all the rage in the next 2015 season, more versatile than many women believe, reddish colors combine very well with different skin tones and eye colors, while just as it does not discriminate by age, that is, it can be recommended for both young women and mature women.

The red short haircuts 2015 are super attractive and innovative, especially those whose reddish tone is intense since it causes an important highlight of the face, obviously, always talking about women whose skin type is very white and those eyes are clear

For those whose skin tone is darker, a darker reddish is recommended, which may or may not be accompanied by a soft highlighting of some highlights. The lighting effect is performed on a group of highlights and is used to lighten two shades lighter than the base color.

Within the 2015 short red haircuts, without a doubt, the trend strongly points to those that are very short, cut in layers and accompanied by half bangs or also known as side bangs, which look great on people with both front and back. wide as in the narrow ones, these are generally cut in gradient, starting very short from the center of the forehead and lengthening as we approach a line that passes at the level of the earlobe.
For those women with a wide forehead, yes or yes, the choice should be given by full bangs whose length is just touching the line of the eyebrows.

* Red Pixie Haircut 2015

Unique and irresistible like few others, the red Pixie has its own light, creating an ultra feminine, elegant, comfortable and very distinguished look. And that is why in the entire world, it is and will be the most chosen by women of all ages.

* Red Layered Haircuts 2015

Short, layered styles never go out of style, they have stuck through the ages with little to no change. By cutting hair in layers, it is possible to give a unique movement to the hair and, in addition, a clear rejuvenating effect is achieved in the woman who wears it.

* Red manes

Classic and traditional, long hair never goes out of style, there are for all tastes, straight or Bob, with or without accompanying bangs, all of them are ideal for types of faces with volume when the length passes the chin and for small and thin faces, when the length is above it.

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