Seven tips to conquer and seduce a man

Seven tips to conquer and seduce a man

If you want to dazzle that person that interests you, here we mention the seven tips to conquer and seduce a man, and we put them at your fingertips.

It has been said that between men and women there is a school of signs, movements, words, smells, etc., that give rise to an interest in that person who is beginning to make us feel, I don’t know what? like the beating of our heart when we see it, or we feel a tickling in our stomach when it touches you… it will be love, it will be just passion… whatever it was, just let yourself go and go deeper without holding back and decide to bring the feline to life what’s in you.

1.-The Image:

It has been proven that for men the first thing to enter through the eyes is to preserve our own style, letting out our sexy side for a date, from choosing underwear that makes us feel sexy and confident, a different hairstyle and makeup, It is always good to put yourself in the hands of an expert stylist, accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and high-heeled shoes.

2.-The Fragrance:

What person has not remembered a smell and has issued a deep sigh, yes, the smell makes them think that a woman is attractive, it is vital to wear a fragrance for that special moment, very similar to the effect that pheromones cause in males in the animal world. Sandalwood, rose, jasmine and patchouli are known for their aphrodisiac properties. Use it sparingly, spray a cloud of perfume in front of you and immerse yourself in it for a few seconds, applied to the wrists, behind the ears and ankles.


We must leave fear and doubts before the meeting, think about the color of your dress, that the tone of your hair is wrong, or if you are very fat or very old, idealizing everything as if it were the last man on the other. earth, you are not going to marry him at the moment; There is no reason to be so nervous, it is just a great opportunity to meet the person you are interested in conquering, so go and enjoy your meeting, feeling proud of yourself, accepting yourself as you are, there is nothing that a man admires more than a self-confident woman and show it.


Be playful (prudently), since men are melted by a woman who is playful and “innocent” not in a shameless or forced way, when he looks at you in a suggestive way, lower your gaze but without leaving to smile, it’s a tug of war, intentionally touch his hand when reaching for something, intentionally drop a ring or earring and pick it up slowly, making sure the derrier sees you, and if he does look down as if embarrassed. This creates tension and also a physical connection. And most importantly, he unconsciously communicates that he is not interested in “just being friends.” This makes the interest boil within him for wanting to be more attentive and get to know his damsel more.


They are a powerful form of communication to feed seduction, they can be expressed in every part of our body, every movement we make flashes an effect, we can see it on our face: when you close and open your eyes, from the way we biting your lips, when you play with your hair and move it back, sitting with a suggestive cross-leggedness, even just walking, always do it in a delicate and feminine way, slowly with confidence, the movements are so powerful in seduction that can create causes and effects towards our admirer.


It is important to maintain an entertaining, natural and cordial dialogue, many times we think that we could seduce our partner by showing off our professional side and we start talking about baseless topics that end up boring and putting out the fire of the moment, let’s think that It’s a time to share, to relax and make a good impression, to give ourselves as human beings, mind you (it’s not a job interview). It is recommended to touch on leisure topics, trips, pleasures, hobbies, etc, topics that make us remember, laugh, think, dream…

7.- The last and most important thing for seduction to be successful:¨ A man should not feel seduced, he should think that he seduced you and not the other way around¨. This gives them a sense of security. Men always flee from commitment and it is always good that they feel like heroes that they won, give them their victory, why not take advantage of what they did achieve? if what you want accept it! If not, let the hunting time follow!

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