Screw-in pressure earrings are a good alternative

The importance of using screw-in pressure earrings are a good alternative for women who seek variety and aesthetics in their designs.

Screw-in pressure earrings are a good alternative.

Earrings or earrings in women are essential to highlight their beauty and appearance, there are a large number of models and designs on the market for pierced ears or hollow earrings, this traditional design does not compensate women who do not want to fulfill themselves piercings, or have some type of severe skin allergy that prevents them from wearing common earrings.

People who do not like piercings and those who have some type of skin allergy usually choose to wear traditional pressure earring models, but these designs are not very varied and usually cause a lot of irritation or pain, even damaging the pavilion of the ear.

There are pressure earrings with screws on the market, they are a good alternative.

  • They are designed to look almost the same as a pierced earring.
  • You can use and choose a wide variety of models and even pendants.
  • It does not produce pain because, being a screw that regulates the pressure that adheres the earring, contact with the skin can be regulated.
  • It is ideal for people who have suffered from infections and skin allergies due to the use of earrings, since very sensitive skin does not tolerate pierced earrings, neither silver nor gold.
  • These earrings were designed for women who want to enjoy and vary their jewelry, currently you can find the screws alone and you can add the models you want.
  • In Japan, the use of screw-on pressure earrings is very common, but nowadays there are many places on the internet where we can buy them.

Unpatterned Screw Back Stud Earrings: You can choose the design you want and attach it to the earring.

Screw Back Stud Earrings: Variable No Design

Pressure earrings with screws are a true jewel for women who cannot wear pierced earrings, the measurements can vary and be between 10 x 11 mm, the colors and designs are of great variety and can be found from 4 euros to more depending on the brand and material.

Screwless pressure earrings: They tend to be of limited designs, models stuck to the ear and thick, they hurt a lot when worn for long hours.

screwless stud earrings

Pressure earrings with screws: Long and dangling models

Stud Earring Shape With Screws

Stud earrings with screws
Stud earrings with screws
stud earrings with screws

Pressure earrings with screws: Short or glued models.

Stud earrings with screws
Stud earrings with screws
Stud earrings with screws

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