Pseudonyms or nicknames of some famous cities and countries in the world

Nicknames or Pseudonyms of some famous cities and countries of the world

Each city or country is a magical and unique world, but almost always thanks to a special attraction of the area, we tend to rename them with another name or phrase, over time many pseudonyms have been given to cities and countries, this happens when one of the most important characteristics of the place stands out, this custom will continue to inspire new pseudonyms over time, here are some of the best known by travelers.

Athens: The Cradle of Civilization
Arequipa: The White City
Amsterdam: The Venice of the North
Barcelona: The city of Barcelona
Berlin: The city of the Wall
Budapest: The Pearl of the Danube
Buenos Aires: The City of Fury
Caracas: The branch of heaven
Chicago: The Windy City
Cusco: The navel of the world
Costa Rica: The Switzerland of Central America
Spain: The Motherland
The Vatican: The Holy See
Cairo: The Pearl of the Nile
Philadelphia: The Cradle of Independence
Himalayas: The roof of the world
Holland: The Land of Tulips
Hong Kong: The Pearl of the Orient
Indonesia: The Island of the Gods
Japan: Empire of the Rising Sun
Jerusalem: The thrice holy city
Leningrad: The city of white nights
London: The Square Mile
Las Vegas: The city that never sleeps
Mexico: The City of Palaces
Miami The City of the Sun, the Gate of the Americas
Milan: The capital of fashion
Munich: The city of beer
Nuw York: The City of Skyscrapers, The Big Apple
Paris: The City of Light
Prague: The city of a hundred domes
Beijing: The Forbidden City
Puerto Rico: The Island of Enchantment
Rome: The Eternal City
Rio de Janeiro: The marvelous city
Trujillo: The city of Eternal Spring
Turin: The city of chocolate
Uruguay: The Switzerland of Central America
Venice: The City of Canals

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