Hydroquinone and its effects on the skin

Hydroquinone has lightening effects on the skin, it is a popular substance initially used in photo finishes, later becoming popular in cosmetic use being used by women all over the world, the use of this substance is becoming questionable since there are studies indicating that they can trigger cancer activation, used long-term.

In August 2006 in many countries the FDA banned cosmetic products that contain hydroquinone, and can only be purchased with a prescription, taking effect in more countries in the coming years.

It acts on the cells by inhibiting the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme (which is activated by sunlight, hormonal causes or medications, etc.) that triggers the formation of melanin (pigment that makes the skin darker, spots , melasmas etc), it is known that these functions of melanin also acts as a protector of the skin and ultraviolet rays that make us avoid skin cancer.

Hydroquinone has the property of inhibiting the formation of melanin which makes it a popular ingredient in skin lightening cosmetic products, some dermatologists do not recommend it due to its harmful long-term effects, but others assure that using it on the In adequate doses and under medical supervision, hydroquinone is safe and effective in overcoming skin pigmentation problems.

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