Ear cleaning precautions

The ears are a delicate part that we must take good care of, we must be very careful in their hygiene and cleanliness.

Basically, the ears usually produce earwax to lubricate the walls of the ear canal, this acts as a natural protector since it traps dust, microorganisms and foreign particles found in the environment, preventing them from penetrating the eardrum and injuring or be damaged.

We must bear in mind that using cotton swabs, cotton swabs, matchsticks or other objects that help us remove accumulated earwax is a serious mistake.

When introducing these implements, the wax of the external auditory canal is inserted more deeply, this aterates the PH of the cerumen such as fatty acids and lysozymes, also decreasing the defense capacity against germs.

The best way to keep your ears clean is to let it develop its natural cleaning process. The ear canal has a natural cleaning system that pushes excess earwax out.

Some people tend to accumulate a lot of wax and when they use objects they push the wax and block the ear canal, this can damage the inner part of the ear.

You can use drops prescribed by your doctor or homemade preparations such as drops of olive oil and even hydrogen peroxide, to dissolve the earwax.

Remember that the ear is usually only cleaned internally but you should keep the external areas of the ear clean in the auricle by cleaning it daily in the shower with a gauze or towel.

Remember that if you have pain, itching, bleeding, ringing, and if you do not hear well for several days, you should see an otolaryngologist to evaluate your case.

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