Daily hair care to combat hair loss

If you entered this publication, you are surely concerned about the number of strands that come off your scalp every morning and night when you brush.

It is true that hair loss is common. Every day, between 50 to 100 hairs are lost. It is a normal process of our body. Among the natural reasons are: genetics, age and changes in the organism.

However, when hair loss is caused by other factors, such as illness, increased stress, environmental pollution, dandruff, nutritional deficiencies and chemical reactions, it is no longer ‘normal’ and becomes a problem to be solved.~153 ~

In this post we will mention some of the best daily hair care practices to combat hair loss so that your hair looks strong and shiny.

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Daily hair care to combat hair lossWash your hair properly

Massage your scalp

Select the right products

Dry it at room temperature

Nutritious diet

Daily hair care to combat hair loss

Wash your hair properly

Some people reduce the number of times they wash their hair because they mistakenly assume that it contributes to the strands falling off their scalp. Not really. Hygiene is a key gear when it comes to maintaining strong and healthy hair.

What happens is that you wash it incorrectly, or you don’t use the right products.

When we wash our hair, we wash away dirt, sweat, and constant airborne chemicals that accumulate on our skin.

If you are a woman, you should wash your hair up to four times a week, especially if it is dirty.

The hydration obtained thanks to a deep cleansing during a wash will help to strengthen the hair follicles of your skin and prevent hair breakage.

Don’t be afraid to wash your hair. We do not say that you do it up to 3 times a day. Only that you do it more frequently and that it is good to combat hair loss.

Massage your scalp

Scalp massages are an excellent remedy, which not all people take advantage of, to combat hair loss. Thanks to circular movements in the superficial layer of the skin, blood flow is increased, activating the hair follicles and promoting hair growth in the process.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend money on a professional massage. You can do it yourself from home. It will only take you 10 or 15 minutes.

By the way, to further increase blood circulation, we recommend leaning your head forward and placing your fingertips on the surface of the leather.

Selecting the right products

Selecting the right products to care for your hair is very important. Many of the products we buy have the opposite effect that we are looking for. We get carried away by trade titles and marketing copy.

Choose those products with healing properties and regenerative ingredients, such as Klorane, a solution created with natural active ingredients

Although each hair is different, these products adapt to the type and characteristics of the hair, providing preservative effects.

Don’t forget your conditioner. It is an excellent companion when washing your hair. It is recommended for dry scalps, one of the main causes of hair breakage.

You can complement your care routine to combat hair loss with other products, such as the Vichy cosmetics range, which has natural anti-loss solutions and offers an important safety element in these times of pollution.

Dry it at room temperature

It’s time to put aside the heat tools to dry your mane. They are not good for your scalp. In fact, they accelerate hair loss and breakage.

Instead, we recommend drying your hair on room heat when you finish washing it.

And, for an even more uplifting effect, flip your hair upside down. That will double your blood flow.

Nutritious diet

We end the routine with an aspect that is usually left aside when it comes to caring for and combating hair loss: diet.

Food nourishes your hair. Those nutrients travel through the bloodstream and keep the mane healthy.

If you don’t supply the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins your hair needs, it will most likely fall out while you sleep or when you brush.

It is time to change your diet. Add foods rich in protein and essential vitamins. Includes fruits and vegetables. They always have the nutrients your body needs to regulate basic processes, such as the growth and renewal of hair follicles.

However, even with a good diet, when there is a hormonal problem, disease or imbalance in your body, the range of nutrients you receive through your diet is not enough. You have to supplement yourself.

One of the best food supplements, rich in vitamins and minerals, ideal for combating baldness in women and men, is complidermol 5 alfa plus, a prescription medication to combat oxidative and inflammatory problems that accentuate hair loss.~153 ~

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