Beard Trimming Tips

Looking for tips to trim your beard and look stylish in the process? You are in the right place. The beard is usually a headache for men, especially when it is neat. We know that not everyone knows the key tricks to achieve an impeccable beard, and that is why we have decided to create this article. We will take the trouble to mention some essential tips to have an even, full beard according to your face shape and with grooming accessories, such as a beard trimmer, to get the most out of your personality.~ 153~

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Tips for trimming the beardChoose the right method

Keep in mind the shape of your face

Define your line

Town levels

Do not trim your beard with water

Styling the beard correctly

Invest in accessories

Tips for buying beard trimmers

Beard Trimming Tips

Trouble trimming your beard and finding the right look? It’s okay, we have tips that will help you in practice. The beard, from our perspective, is an area of ​​the body that should be cared for on the same level as the hair. In fact, when it is not worked correctly, it influences the personal image of men. We want you to have the best beard in town, which is why we’ll help you with the following key beard trimming tricks.

Choose the right method

There are many methods of trimming the beard. We have various tools available to achieve a good result, such as electric machines to trim beards, scissors and manual shavers. Each has its own advantages and offers a certain finish.

In the case of machines, which you must differentiate between a cable machine and an electric machine, they are undoubtedly the best method to trim the beard. Also the fastest and easiest, and they are usually recommended especially for those who do not handle shavers. Different volumes can be achieved, according to the desired beard, using the combs.

Then we have the scissors, which are normally used when the beard is too long. They are also easy to use, although you have to be careful where you cut. For this, it is recommended to have a comb to trim on the surface and not directly on the face. And, of course, plastic razors, which are not used to manipulate the shape of beards, but perform complete shaving tasks. That’s in case you want to remove hair completely.

Take into account the shape of your face

Surely you have seen a picture of a beard in perfect condition and you want to get that style. However, before you run to grab your trimmer, stop to think if your face shape fits the photograph. If the answer is no, then don’t force the issue.

Instead, we recommend trimming your beard according to your face structure. For example, the oval shape allows you to have different types of beards, while in the square it is convenient to cut the cheek areas as horizontally as possible. And, in the case of triangular shapes, balance must be sought, since it is the most complicated.

Define your line

One of the reasons why you don’t get a stylish beard is probably because you don’t draw a line in the different areas of the beard. First you should start with the one on the neck, we recommend placing a finger horizontally to limit the finish and then pass the machine from that angle.

The correct technique is to position the razor blades from the horizontal line and tear downward, starting with one area and then others, ending with the angles near the ears. Then you must repeat the procedure, this time on the cheeks, drawing an imaginary line to the desired limits. In fact, you can play with the orientation, using an oval style.

Village levels

More facial hair does not mean better beard. On the contrary, there are bushy beards that look bad aesthetically and influence the image of its bearer. So, our advice is not to make it look too long, especially if you have a triangular shape, as it will look disproportionate. The ideal is to lower the levels until you find a balanced volume.

Do not trim your beard with water

Is a wet beard a good idea? Yes, but when you are going to shave completely. On the other hand, if what you want is to cut a little here and there, it negatively influences the final result. Because when facial hair is wet, it tends to appear longer than it actually is. Getting a disproportionate beard as a result. Instead, we recommend moistening your beard, toweling it dry, and shaving.

Grooming the beard correctly

The correct technique for combing the beard before trimming the hair is as follows: comb forward, in one direction, and then downward. This method will make it easier to find the hairs—especially if you’re using scissors—and prevent them from getting tangled in the process.

Invest in accessories

If you want to have a stylish beard, you definitely have to invest in quality accessories. On the Internet you will find kits for personal care, specifically utensils such as: brushes to smooth hair, small scissors to cut wild hairs and an instrument to place the blades. Nor can we forget the creams, which help in the uniform growth of beards, or to cut more easily. We could even buy special towels to trim beards.

Tips for Buying Beard Trimmers

We mentioned earlier that beard trimmers, specifically electric machines, are recommended for the job. However, taking into account the number of alternatives that exist on the market, the purchase becomes a headache. Luckily, we’re ahead of the curve with these tips for buying machines.

    The correct thing is that it does not have cables, that it works only with rechargeable batteries.

    The greater the autonomy, which is the duration of the batteries, the better.

    You have to buy electric machines with different combs, which come in different levels – from 1 to 9.

    The design of the beard trimmer has to be as ergonomic as possible.

    Technology also influences the quality of the electric machine, such as cutting settings and the number of speeds.

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