4 Ways The Arrangement And Design Of Your Environment Affects Your Mood

It has been known for some time that the usual home environment exerts a powerful influence on people’s moods and moods. Psychologists have investigated this phenomenon and have reached valuable conclusions, some of which we will present below.

1. Your environment can make you happy or sad

The environments in which you spend time can generate in you feelings of joy or sadness through colors, aromas and shapes depending on the evocations that these elements generate in you.

Obviously if we want to generate positive emotions, we must refer to what the experts recommend:

  • Choose the paint color according to the purpose of the room. Thus we have that a room painted in red or yellow will hardly make us sleep or rest properly, although it may be a good idea for a game room.
  • Decorative objects also have emotional significance. It is advisable to place in plain sight some decorative elements that generate beautiful memories: gifts from people we love, photographs of unforgettable moments, etc.
  • Aromatherapy is known to be a powerful weapon to improve mood: you can appeal to flowers or scent diffusers such as jasmine, bergamot, mint, or citrus.

2. Your environment can also give you energy… or decrease it

Messy and chaotic rooms generate an additional degree of mental stress, which in the long run becomes tiredness.

An orderly environment where each element has its place usually promotes feelings of security, relaxation and concentration. In particular, work environments should remain tidy to promote productivity and avoid distractions.

However, it is known that some people feel more comfortable with a “little mess”, in this case the secret is to maintain a healthy balance and play with the decoration so that one or two elements seem “out of place”. ” by the way. This is valid for environments such as bedrooms, living rooms and relaxation environments.

Studies have also shown that the presence of plants and flowers promote positive sensations of energy, however, they should look fresh and lush, since dry plants can generate the opposite sensations: tiredness and sadness.

You must also make sure that the environments have the correct lighting according to the purpose they have.

So we have that study and work environments should have medium or intense lighting, preferably cold light, which is known to have an intellectually stimulating and stimulating effect.

Similarly, warm light has a relaxing effect, making it ideal for environments such as bedrooms and living rooms.

The ideas drawn from Feng-Shui are also quite interesting. This ancient oriental school proposes that the order and orientation of the elements in a room balance or unbalance the flow of energy. On the internet there are quick Feng-Shui courses from which we can surely get a lot of benefit.

3. Feelings of security

The environment can also convey a feeling of security or insecurity depending on the arrangement of elements. Beyond the functional security issue, there is also a strong psychological component to this issue.

For example, psychologists have discovered that wide sheets with a certain weight tend to confer feelings of protection to those who sleep under them and, on the contrary, the scarcity of covers or their light weight generate the opposite, feelings of vulnerability, funny right?

Dark corners also tend to play tricks on the minds of most people. Adding a lamp to those dimly lit corners can have a powerful effect, increasing our sense of security.

4. Comfort

Comfortable furniture is what makes a house a home. When choosing furniture, it is important that we make sure that it “tunes” with our style and personality, since it is the scenario that we will visualize and in which we will develop for years.

Design furniture stores like Veronemobili offer a range of possibilities to choose beautiful, fashionable furniture, combining elegance and design, also guaranteed by years of experience in the field.

Take as much time as necessary before buying your furniture, use that time to compare and test, and only make a purchase decision when you are very sure that you will be comfortable with that furniture.

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