Build Authority

When you have a consistently updated website and you are regularly entertaining your audience in their inbox, becoming an authority is easy.

And when you're an authority... You're the obvious choice to invest in when the time is right.

Build A Strong Brand

Content that is created with the sole purpose of converting your audience into customers will rocket your sales.

You want to excite and inspire your audience. You want them to look forward to reading your emails. You want them to want you to sell them your stuff... Geddit?

Make More Sales

With a customised content strategy and email marketing campaign you can reach your audience at the point when they need you the most.

All you need to do is take them by the hand and show them the way.

What's The #1 Reason You Should Hire Me To Help You Grow Your Business?

How about I give you SEVEN big reasons for why you should hire me to put more money in your bank account?

  1. I am an artist when it comes to understanding the true pain points of a market. When you understand the pain points, you always know what to say.
  2. I understand how to navigate around common purchase hesitations, so that you can get more happy customers who are really just looking for some reassurance before they put their cash in your pocket.
  3. I can help your company or business become an authority figure in your market. How does having more clients than you can currently handle sound?
  4. I can spot where your company is letting cash slide through its fingers - whether it's in your email marketing, lead capture or sales page.
  5. I'm commended on having an easy-to-read, persuasive, captivating method of writing. Here's my secret: make it honest, make it entertaining and lead into the offer.
  6. I'm a wizard when it comes to the customer journey. Understanding where your customers are in their journey when they discover you is essential. Mapping your communications to your customers needs can make a huge different to your profits.
  7. I can help you go viral - reaching more potential customers than ever - through sharable content that connects with people AND irresistible giveaways that people can't help but join and share.

Hey! I'm Sam Pealing - copywriter, funnel builder and the founder of Do You Need Copy?

I'm not too different from most people: I like traveling to different countries and eating all the delicious food they have. I like reading comic books until 2am... And I like listening to the same song again and again until I'm sick of it.

But that's not really what you want to know... is it?

​You want to know what really makes me different...

Well, that separates me from others it that I WILL write emails that make your audience want to read them and buy from them, I WILL create funnels that bring your market into your world ready to buy, and I WILL create content that not only inspires, but also encourages action and sharing.

​The big picture?

I can help you create a marketing strategy that wins your business more leads and more sales through creating content that your audience wants to receive.

Sound good?

Fill out your name and email below, and I will land in your inbox with directions about the next steps.